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Written by 14K Brewery on November 27, 2016

Please feel free to contribute any ideas, thoughts and information that you have which are useful or interesting. I would like this to be fluid and inclusive to gain maximum effectiveness. Lets make as many connections as we can, connections with people, ideas and community (local, national and international), the aim being to maximise the potential of how the digital world can serve us. I want to see where this takes us.

Since we began on our brewery project last year, the thing that has struck me most has been the sparkle that I see reflected back at me in the eyes of most people who I speak to about what we are doing. This is something that we are absolutely passionate about and it is the right thing to do for us, our family and for the community.

Last month we met with futurist, Annimac, who came and had a look at our site and gave us awesome ideas and advice on some aspects of our project. We are looking forward to working with Annimac, her absolute faith in young people especially is so refreshing and inspiring. (for the record this is the gen Z group who are just turning 21, which is not us – BUT it is our children!)

Craig has also been contacting keg suppliers, and arranging meetings with suppliers of beer making consumables. The fact-finding and connection making is making this journey our most exciting, yet. Oh and we have some exciting progress on the brewery….

At the beginning of the month we went into town (Perth city) for a meeting to see if any of the aspects of our project are worthy of seeking Research and Development credit from the government. We will have a number of ‘firsts’ in our brewery, starting with the actual material with which we are constructing our building, to our approach to business, which is unique- using permaculture principles to guide us. We are especially excited by our wastewater treatment for the brewery process wastes, using reed beds to remove impurities from brewery wastewater will be a first for Western Australia, possibly Australia, as, in my bit of research, I’ve only found a couple of other reed bed brewery waste water treatment plants in the US and UK. Please feel free to let us know of any that you are aware of. The system that we are planning on installing only received the health department tick this year in Western Australia. Our installer, Dr Ross Mars, of Water Installations, is no stranger to reed bed systems, so we have every confidence in the success of this system. We are aware of the threat of being taken off track from our goal in doing R&D, but it is an aspect that we are keen to investigate as long as we don’t get too sidetracked. It could possibly be something that we outsource, who knows?

We also sold our softies for the first time this month at a Christmas market in Bindoon, which seemed to go down very well. Hopefully we will make it to a few more markets during this festive season. If you see us, come and say “Hello!”.

First Softies sold
Craig pouring softies in Bindoon

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