Written by 14K Brewery on October 28, 2016

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front, there has been much happening behind the scenes…

Our liquor licence is still being processed. The conditional licence will not be issued until we have our building permit issued, which is still having a few bumps sorted out, mostly to do with FESA requirements, and engineering fine tuning, then we will be able to lodge it at last!
Craig has been experimenting with the new smoker, which arrived a few weeks ago, it is a cracker! (Expect more from him on that shortly)
Meanwhile, I have been experimenting with Ginger Beer recipes, including one using the real deal, old fashioned Ginger Beer grains, which is similar to making water kefir, using specialised GB grains. It does taste pretty good!! I’ve also attended the 13th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, which was held in Perth this year. I did a presentation at the convergence on using permaculture principles in the design of our business, which was well received. Having a solid foundation, such as permaculture, on which to design a business has been really helpful to us in focusing our ideas and ethics in a way which will benefit anyone who choses to be involved. It is about creating a community, both local and extended, who can support each each other. There are so many opportunities, but I will save that for another blog, if you’re interested, let us know.
Something else that I am working on is creating a network to increase our food security and resilience after taking part in a three day workshop conducted by Robina McCurdy. So much going on and it is all so exciting, I am so glad that you are all coming along for the ride that is the 14k Brewery! Araluen

Permaculture Elders 2016
Permaculture Elders 2016

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